Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy ending massages Bali part 2 (How to get one)

Going through the Bali Raw Blog stats, I couldn’t help but notice that there seems to be a great deal of interest in the Happy Ending Massage post. In the post I give a few tips on where to get one. But I don’t really follow through on how to get one. So here goes.

Happy ending massages are quite common in Bali and wider Indonesia. And there is little stigma attached to the service. The practice is almost an integral part of massage in Bali. And although it is generally not advertised on billboards or signs, a number of touts bluntly make reference to the service. It is important to remember that Indonesians are very forthright when it comes to discussions that involve sex. And if a person is seeking a full service massage they should not be afraid to ask. The query will not be frowned upon. And at worst it will be met with a few giggles and directions as to where happy ending massages can be found.

This could be considered reasonably true for heterosexual men, gay men, and ladies. But there are always exceptions. So please remember to be respectful when asking. I should also point out that there are fewer stigmas applied where heterosexual men are concerned.

In the larger massage parlours this query should not be posed at the front counter. A number of these establishments do not like to admit openly that their employees preform full service massages. This is more to do with reasons of law than anything else. The best possible time to suggest a full service massage is when you are alone with your masseuse and before the massage begins. It is important to keep in mind. That most women and men working in Bali massage parlours are asked the question routinely, they will not be offended.

For anyone unable to pose this question directly, a simple query as to whether to be completely naked for the massage will sometimes suffice. This generally sends the correct message and supplies the wanted answer. For anyone unable to ask any questions, it is sometimes beneficial to build a rapport with the masseuse. If they do preform the service then they are far more likely to suggest it if they feel comfortable.

For anyone seeking a full service massage in Bali, please remember that the people in the massage industry work very hard and get paid little. It is always important to be polite and to tip well. Even if they do not supply the massage service you are seeking.

A tip for heterosexual men: If there is a goldfish bowl set up in the lobby of the establishment or a folder on the front desk displaying pictures of the massage ladies. Then it is a good sign that full service massages are performed. 

©Malcolm Scott

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  2. Thanks Shifali glad to help, look out for Bali Raw 2 out this year.