Monday, 10 September 2012

Bali's Working Girls

Prostitution in various forms is commonplace throughout Bali with the prevalent areas for the activity being Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur. 
There are five main types of prostitution being carried out in Bali: freelance workers, brothel workers, café/karaoke workers, massage workers and dial-up workers make up the list. 

Freelance working girls

Kuta and Seminyak are renowned for their freelance working girls. These women work for themselves and despite having to sometimes pay a nightclub entrance fee or commission to nightclub security. They keep the majority of their earnings.


Sanur is the home of the brothel and these establishments can be found down most quiet streets. These working women are generally recruited from poor out-flung villages around Java. They are promised a way to make money and they are asked to sign a three month contract. Most of these girls are young and naive and they work under horrible conditions. 

Cafe & karaoke workers

Cheaply built cafes exist on the fringes of most towns and villages around Bali. These clubs are utilized by local men and they reportedly do a very high turnover of trade. It is also often reported that a large number of the women working these establishments are H.I.V. infected.

Upmarket karaoke bars are becoming more popular in some sections of Bali. The women that work these bars are generally new arrivals to Bali and they are uneasy about taking on a foreign client. These bars are generally accessed by wealthy locals.

Massage parlours

Many women around Bali ply their trade from small massage parlors. They will offer extra services to their clients. This can range from the famous “happy ending” to more advanced sex acts. These women sometimes make themselves available for meetings outside of their work environment.

Dial-up working girls

A fairly new phenomenon to reach Bali is the call-up or dial-up working girl. These women are contacted via websites registered outside of Indonesia. This makes it difficult for authorities to shut them down.

There is plenty of information about how/where to meet clean and safe working girls, negotiate prices etc, in my ebook Bali Raw. You can buy Bali Raw from iTunes for $4.99 Aussie (and equivalent prices in other currencies) to read it on your iphone or iPad.


  1. Hi Malcolm, just finished your book , great read and a good insight to Bali. Myself and my mate are going in Feb, first time there. Both in our mid thirties. Both been round the block, well we like to think so anyway lol. Any idea how we could get in touch with Angel ? :)

  2. Hi Anom

    Thanks mate glad you liked the book and look out for Bali Raw 2 it comes out this year. I also hope you have a great time in Bali and I'm sure you will, so enjoy.

    There are so many people that are interested in meeting Angel, I wonder why. Unfortunately she no longer works that particular job because she made enough money and she brought the business. Angel now employes a few ladies but I am unsure if she taught them any of her tricks, lets hope so. I heard from a friend who had experienced Angels many, many talents, that she refused the large sum he offered to rekindle their friendship. I hate to say it, but it looks like your out of luck. Anyway have a great time in Bali and stay safe.

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    1. Yeah is really useful :)